Sunlight spectrum that reaches earth consist of Ultraviolet (UV) 10nm to 400nm, Visible Light (VLT) 380nm to 780nm and Infrared 780nm to 2500 mm (IR). UV is the strongest and most harmful radiation to earth. UVC is the strongest and harmful radiation to earth. UVC is fully block by the ozone layer, 5% of UVB and 100% of UVA reach earth. UVB has a shorter wavelength which can only reach the earth surface. UVA has the longest wavelength which can penetrate to the deep-sea level.

Visible Light is the light that we can see. VL generated almost 40% of the heat from Light Spectrum. It consists the Colours of the rainbow. Violet, Indigo and Blue light from 380nm to 420nm wavelength is the High Energy Visible Light that is harmful to human eyes.

Near Infrared 780nm to 2500nm is generates almost 50% of the heat coming from the light spectrum. Near Infrared is basically good for wound healing, cellular regeneration, antioxidant and support metabolic processes. Lots of medical instruments use near infrared light for treatment. For example, sauna and near infrared therapy.

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Ultraviolet Ray (UVR): Around 10%
The most dangerous radiation which is harmful to skin cells, eyes and cause damaging and fading to internal fittings

Visible Light (VLT): Around 40%
Human require light to see but allowing more light to penetrate into a space will also mean more heat energy. Besides, High Energy Visible Blue Light will be present and it is harmful to human eyes

Infrared Heat (IRR): Around 50%
Carries the most heat from the sun but not harmful to the human body. Infrared is used in sauna for detoxification and also in the medical field for blood circulation and healing

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UVA – 95% of the UV relation which contributes to some types of sun damage such as wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

UVB – affect the top layer of the skin and causes sunburn. It damages DNA in your skin and linked strongly to skin cancer.

UVC – does not reach the earth’s surface (absorbed by atmosphere). It is normally considered a risk factor of skin cancer.

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UV index is a measurement for ultraviolet Radiation. Malaysia and Singapore UV index ranging from 9-13.

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High Energy Visible Blue Light (HEV BLP): Harmful Blue Light

Damages the eyes and leads to macular degeneration. Usually found in monitor screens, LED head lamp and also sun.

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UVA1 Ray / UV Tmax Band: Damages Skin Structure

UV T-Max has the strongest penetration in the ultraviolet band. Able to reach skin dermis depths and causing damage to DNA structure which leads to wrinkles, freckles, pellicle and skin cancer.

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Fading & Damages

Extended exposure to sunlight can have detrimental effects on carpets, upholstery and personal belongings. Colours can become faded and dull.

  • UV Light (40%)
  • Visible Light (25%)
  • Heat (25%)
  • Misc. (10%)

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